Why does your attendant not spray the car off before it enters the wash?
We want everyone no matter the time of day to get the same great wash. We have added options such as the contour system, rocker panel blast, oscillating nozzles, and wheel scrubs. We also use the presoaks that are mixed on site In order to cut through even the toughest dirt. By letting are equipment and chemicals do the work we can insure that your car gets the best wash every time, not just when an attendant wants to help. 

How does my car get that shine when using your wash that I don’t get at a hand wash?
Our top wash gives you three different cycles that protect and give your car its shine back. Triple shine, low pressure wax cycle and Durashield protectant. Durashield gives your car a great shine and protects your cars finish for up to 30 days. Protecting your cars finish from things such as UV light, bird droppings, and acid rain.

Why is washing at your wash considered good for the environment?
As your car is washing our tanks collect the chemicals, oils, dirt and water and send it to a treatment facility. Any dirt and oil left in the tanks is collected and taken by tanker truck to a EPA approved facility.

When washing at home all the road film, oils, dirt and chemicals are washed into the local streams and rivers. Some cities have started banning hand washing at home because of the environmental effects.

So by using are automatics or self serves you are GOING GREEN.
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