See the Difference
What makes our automatic different from the others?

Rocker Panel Blast.
On-board Rocker Panel Blasters thoroughly clean the target area, front to rear.

Undercarriage wash
The undercarriage provides a high pressure under the vehicle wash.

Scrubbing Action Oscillating Nozzles
Moving the high pressure water so it attacks the dirty vehicle from different angles serves to peel the dirt away and get into areas that straight on spray patterns do not touch.

Presoak nozzles are independent of the high pressure nozzles providing an effective  delivery system. The nozzles change direction as the gantry moves to ensure a complete covering even in hard to reach areas.

Presoak is applied on both sides and the top simultaneously

Auto Height Adjustment
Not all cars are the same size so why would you clean them the same. We clean lower height vehicles as well as full size SUV’s! Every cars height and profile is scanned at the beginning of the wash cycle.
The system will automatically adjust the wash boom to multiple vehicle heights.
Every vehicle no matter the size gets the same great wash.
Maximum cleaning in a touch free automatic depends on quality hot presoak and good high pressure scrubbing action. Moving the nozzles closer to the vehicle during the high pressure passes produces consistent and effective cleaning power.

Wheel Scrub
The wheel scrub brushes feature counter rotating scrubbing action that clean even the dirtiest wheels. The gantry positions itself so the specialized wheel cleaning brushes can gently and effectively penetrate the most intricate wheel design. The relatively slow speed rotation while the brush is in contact with the wheel spinning in one direction and then changes to spin in the other direction to thoroughly clean the entire wheel.

Inside each brush are 3 high pressure nozzles that completely cover the wheel and tire as the brush begins to extend giving you that extra blast of cleaning power resulting in clean tires and sparkling wheels.
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